Fotografía en blanco y negro en la que aparezco yo en la WordCamp Sevilla 2019.
Photography taken by the amazing Weiko

Nora Ferreirós

Responsible UX/UI freelance designer

I was born in an industrial city called Vigo. And I moved to a touristic one: Barcelona.

Most of my career as a designer, I’ve worked as a freelancer. I’ve participated in projects in a wide variety of areas (small businesses outside the digital tech bubble), and I’ve met many people who were not designers (and some other who were). This is how I learned that design is about (all kind of) people. About helping them or benefiting from them. But, anyway, about people.

After +10 years working as a designer, I’m done benefiting from the users. Now, I want to really help them. I believe in profits, but I also believe in a win-win model for companies, for users and for the planet.

The trigger behind this change of mind was Mike Monteiro’s book “Ruined by Design”. I fully recommend it to anyone who uses or creates any kind of digital technology. If you’ve already read it and want to discuss it, feel free to contact me. If you’re Mike Monteiro: It’s all your fault! 😉

Ilustración de una persona sujetando el logo de WordPress.

WordPress & me

As part of the WordPress Community, I have translated, hosted, co-organized, designed, interviewed, volunteered and contributed in many ways. 

Nowadays, my main contributions to the community are:

You can find all my contributions on my WordPress Community profile.